Home Healthcare Services

Homecare Nursing

Our highly qualified team of nurses are ready to provide around-the-clock homecare nursing services, according to the patient’s condition and needs. Alleanza Homecare tailors the patient care and allocates the right medical personnel with the required skills based on the patient’s medical assessment.

Caregiving & Babysitting

We provide at-home care for clients of all ages to improve their daily quality of life. Our services include personal care, meal assistance, and other related services.

Newborn Baby Care

Our trained and licensed nurses offer 24/7 well-baby care services for newborns up to toddlers, assisting new parents to ensure the safety and well-being of their children.

Physiotherapy & Allied Healthcare Services

We provide a team of licensed physiotherapists and allied healthcare therapists to maximize recovery following chronic disease, injury or illness.

Home PCR Testing

Our user-friendly appointment booking system facilitates our hassle-free PCR testing service carried out by our qualified medical professionals from DHA-approved and certified testing laboratories.

We are a DHA, DCAS, DOH and MOH licensed provider